Virginia Foxhound Show Photos


Graham and Martha Wolfe with Wentworth, a hound Martha walked, just after winning the single English dog unentered class, the Ginevram M. Hunter Perpetual Cup.

Graham and Sheri had just a month to get to know our hounds and prepare for the Virginia Foxhound Show, and did a splendid job. We thank them for a job well done! For all the photos (mostly English) of our hounds, the pack class, performance class, and Grand Champion class, visit


Graham and his wife, Sheri Bayly, waiting for the results.

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Photos from the Blue Ridge Hunt Horse Show are posted!

BRH Horse Show May 30 2015

Sheri Bayly took this very talented young Thoroughbred that she is training on his very first go-round in the ring.

Hello everyone, here are most of the photos. I’m sorry I couldn’t get everyone, and with the overcast skies, it was a bit of a challenge. Hopefully there’s one of you. Here’s my site:

Have a great summer everyone!

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Our trail ride schedule is here!

Click on the page above and you will see the JPG to safe and print. Everybody’s welcome, come and see some beautiful scenery in Clarke County!

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Our Spring Sporting Clay Shoot is now on the calendar!


Always lots of fun for the shooting crowd, we invite everyone to some friendly competition at Prospect Hall in Kearneysville, West Virginia (187 Brucetown Road, 25430) on Saturday, May 9, at 9:30.

100 Rounds/$100 bucks
$250 Cash Prize to each male and female high scorer!
Pre-register ONLINE at (Key in: Blue Ridge Hunt)
All the fried chicken you can eat!

See our page for all the details – or download and print the PDF below. See you there!


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Gone Away! See ‘ya next year!

Where did he go?


Pictured above is huntsman Guy Allman looking for the fox that gave chase for over an hour, and is reported to have jumped into the Shenandoah River. Hunting from Trelawny December 30th, the Blue Ridge enjoyed one of the best days of the season, one of many, and what a fitting end to 2014!

Photos of most of the meets are published and for sale at

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year!

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Photos from the Hunt Ball are here!

Kudos go to Jenny Irwin, chairwoman of the Hunt Ball this year, and to everyone who helped her get the silent auction items. Thank you Matt Baker for taking these wonderful candids of everyone. If you click on the photo, it will open up in a new window. To save it to your computer, right click on your mouse and “Save As” to a folder. It was a great party and we thank everyone for supporting the hunt!

ball1 002 ball1 003 ball1 004 ball1 006 ball1 007 ball1 008 ball1 009 ball1 010 ball1 011 ball1 012 ball1 013 ball1 014 ball1 015 ball1 016 ball1 018 ball1 019 ball1 020 ball1 021 ball2 001 ball2 002 ball2 003 ball2 004 ball2 005 ball2 006 ball2 007 ball2 008 ball2 009 ball2 010 ball2 011 ball2 012 ball2 013 ball2 014 ball2 015 ball2 016 ball2 017 ball2 018 ball2 020 ball2 021 ball2 023 ball2 024 ball2 025 ball2 026 ball2 027 ball2 028 ball2 029 ball2 030 ball2 031 ball2 032 ball3 003 ball3 004 ball3 005 ball3 007 ball3 008 ball3 009 ball3 010 ball3 011 ball3 013 ball3 014 ball3 016 ball3 017 ball3 018 ball3 021 ball3 022 ball3 023 ball3 024 ball3 025 ball3 026 ball3 027 ball3 028 ball3 029 ball3 030 ball3 031 ball3 032 ball3 033 ball3 034 ball3 035 ball4 001 ball4 002 ball4 003 ball4 004 ball4 005 ball4 006 ball5 001 ball5 002 ball5 003

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The NAFHC photos are posted!

The photographs I’ve taken from the North American Field Hunter Championship (Blue Ridge, Loudoun Fairfax, Piedmont and the finals on Saturday; sorry, I didn’t make the first day) are now posted on a new website,, and can be purchased or digitally downloaded.

If you don’t see any photos of you, check out Middleburg Photo (Doug Ghelsen and Karen Monroe), or the websites of Richard Clay and Douglas Lees. They took tons and probably got one of every participant.

In the future, I will be posting a select group of photographs from the Blue Ridge meets that I attend and hope I get a photo of everyone. Please wave to me if you want a photograph, I just found my beret and will be out in my Honda ready to shoot you! (just kidding!)

Happy Hunting to all!

Nancy Kleck

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Photos and results of the 2014 Virginia Foxhound Show

Class 30 Single English Bitch Unentered Millstream 48 1st place Gracious 47 2nd placeFor a second year, hunstman Guy Allman, kindly assisted by fellow huntsman (now of Lowcountry Hunt) Martyn Blackmore, showed our best at the 2014 Virginia Foxhound Show at Morven Park this past Sunday, May 25. Go to the page above to see all the photos and show results.

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